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A new book on the shelf (it's my thesis)

Guess what I picked up at the Library Archives today?


After admiring the cover for a while, I flipped right to the Acknowledgements. I didn't write that page until the day before I turned in the final copy of the thesis. All the time before that, it was a blank page save for "Text of Acknowledgements." I put it off because I thought it would be so hard to write. How do you properly thank (OK, "acknowledge") the people who have made a year's worth of work possible?

Turns out, the words flowed easily right from my brain to the page, almost of their own accord. I thought I might go back to edit it once more before turning it in, but it ended up staying as it was.

I love reading book/thesis acknowledgements, and in case you do, too, here is mine.

Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale (SPOILERS)

February 21st, outsourced