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Spelling homework FAIL

Little Magdalena has nine or ten spelling words each week and a test on them each Thursday. At the beginning of the week, she is supposed to practice writing the spelling words by putting them each in a sentence. She is allowed to put multiple spelling words in a sentence. It's pretty straightforward homework and usually she gets the job done.

On Sunday after school, she asked me if she could put all nine of her spelling words in one sentence. We have sometimes made a game of trying to fit as many words into one sentence as possible, so I thought that was what she was up to. However, she must have wanted to get on the other side of spelling homework real quick-like, because later when I checked her work, this is the sentence I found:

"Children are just a littl[e] help just straight with great and there lane were."

I love how she started out trying and then fizzled into "there lane were."

We'll be re-doing this week's spelling homework, I think.

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