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My awesome MIL

You might think your MIL is pretty great. And maybe she is. But did your MIL custom hand-sew (well, on a sewing machine, but using her own hands) you a beautiful purse using Downton Abbey fabric?

I thought not.

I am touched by every aspect of this gesture. Grandmas have a lot to keep up on. They've got their own kids, their kids' spouses, their kids' kids, etc. But my MIL took the time to remember that I like Downton Abbey, recall my taste in colors/fabrics, think of something I could use, and then put it all together to create this purse as a graduation gift.

Which she then paid a pretty penny to ship halfway across the world. WITH a card that possibly brought tears to my eyes.

Janice, this DIL thanks you!

Salalah as Nephi's Bountiful

A cultural experience...with my own culture.