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May 30th, outsourced

I almost didn't click to watch this video because it had a sappy headline attached to it. I'm glad I watched, though, because this woman who fell down during a 600m championship race is AWESOME.

Political science advice for Queen Elsa (of Frozen). [HT someone...can't remember who, sorry!]

Emailing me a video of a woman eating two 72oz steaks in 15 minutes is something my mom did this week. 0:28-0:42 is where I start to get a little queasy. [HT Suzanne]

How to tell someone's age based on their name!!! I loved this. In the US, Miriam gets the "oh, my grandma was named Miriam" line a lot. [HT Andrew]

So, um, Glenn Beck made fun of #YesAllWomen? This is one of those times where I'm really hoping a clip was taken way out of context (though this would need a steamer ship full of context to be made right). On the same awful subject, what Elliot Rodger said about women reveals why we need to stamp out misogyny.

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