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I support Kate Kelly

Today I heard the news that Kate Kelly, founder of Ordain Women, is in danger of being excommunicated.

As detailed in a post I wrote in April, I was never fully on board with Ordain Women, but I have admired Kate Kelly ever since I heard her speak on this podcast. Listen to that podcast and tell me that is NOT a believing woman who loves and values her faith, who wants to make things better from within, and who has tried to raise important issues using the framework already established by the church.

Today's news breaks my heart. I feel such sadness for Kate, my dear sister in the gospel. She has done so much good for the members of the church and I feel sad at the thought of her not being one of us anymore.

I wrote in April that "I am excited to be a member of the church at this time of small changes, and potential for greater changes." Today, I feel deflated and, frankly, quite a bit less excited. I am sometimes an optimist to a fault, and I want to believe that hanging pictures of female leaders in the Conference Center (etc.) was never meant to be an end in and of itself, but a beginning step along a long, hopeful path toward greater gender equality in the church. And dangit, the optimist in me says it still is a beginning step along such a path. This I must believe.

I'm just sad that Kate Kelly apparently won't be making the journey with us.

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