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July 11th, outsourced

I just realized that today is Friday. Since it's not the Sabbath here, I am so disoriented and I hardly ever know which day it is. So here is the Outsourced post!

The PepsiCo CEO on women having it all.

Penny in your Pants: how to ride a bike without your skirt riding up! [HT Crys]

Modern slavery. [HT Crys]

Humpty Dumpty at my beloved Enchanted Forest in Oregon actually fell off the wall. Sad day.

The best times to buy international plane tickets. Ooh I hate that game.

Statistics explain how Tim Howard had the best match of the World Cup against Belgium last week. [HT Andrew, maybe?]

An average Saturday morning, with kids and without kids. Especially funny since I read it way too early in the morning, having been woken up by my kids.

Mitt Romney flies coach! At least according to all these people who social media-stalked him. [HT Kathy]

Awesome World Cup photos. I am freaking out about #14. (There are some scantily clad Brazilian ladies in a couple of these.) (And seriously, #14 looks so photoshopped to me, but I Googled it and it seems legit.)

An evening at the cemetery

Gregarious in Germany