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July 25th, outsourced

This reporter put TGI Friday's "Endless Appetizers" promotion to the test on a 14-hour mozzarella stick binge. The twist is that even the first one was gross (language warning).

You will not be able to stop watching these goats playing on a piece of bouncy metal.

Inglorious fruits and vegetables - malformed produce for cheaper!

Remembering your first language - really interesting thoughts about forgetting your native language after 25 years.

Has it been 10 years since Lori Hacking was killed? It has. An interview with her mother.

Nothing like a good old gender switch to make you see things in a new light - here's what happens when you replace women in everyday situations with men. [HT Cait]

Beautiful photos of motherhood around the world from 50 years ago. [HT Kat]

Every episode of The Simpsons will soon be available online. You guys, I look for Simpsons clips to use on this blog all the time and I can never find them! No more. [HT Crys]

Six funny Alex Trebek moments on Jeopardy!

I found this animation of the history of Israel/Palestine/Canaan to be beautifully drawn and very, very sad. [HT Suzanne]

Catholic for a day

Hiking in Bavaria