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World Cup 2014

How. about. that. GAME last night. Jeremy was a little late getting to the living room and when he missed Germany's goals at 11' and 23', I thought he'd missed all the scoring the game was likely to have. I neglected to consider the possibility of further goals at 24', 26', 29', 69', and 79'. I kept thinking I was seeing replays, but no, they were all new goals. For Germany's players, it was like

This world cup has been extra fun for us for two reasons.

First, the girls have been following along with the World Cup sticker book I got them at Carrefour in Sharjah. They did chores to earn stickers and every morning during the group stage, we filled in the match results.

Second, we are enjoying these awesome Germany games IN GERMANY. I don't know what the usual standards of flag-based country worship are here, but there are flags all over the place right now. The games are on late, so we are watching the games in our own living room instead of at the pub surrounded by semi-drunken Germans. But we do get a sense of the community of fans out there because we can hear cheering through our open windows when Germany scores.

In conclusion, this is my favorite World Cup since 2002. I didn't have a sticker book that year, but I cut out the World Cup bracket insert from The Moscow Times and hung it on our apartment wall. I seem to remember lots of fun upsets from that year. Japan and Korea made a good showing, if I remember correctly, and Turkey ended up third (!!!).

I can't wait until the final. Go Deutschland!

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