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August 1st, outsourced

It's Friday, ack! My HTs are going to be spotty this week, sorry.

If I had a smart phone, I would load it with these Prince George emojis immediately.

The Onion takes on some semi-botched executions in the US.

Being a foreigner in Nepal sometimes means being treated like Justin Bieber.

Gaza in poetry. [HT Andrew]

NASA made an underground water map to show just how bad the drought in the US is. [HT Kathy]

This 5-year-old is heartbroken that her cute baby brother will grow up someday.

"My wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place." Do not drink liquids while looking at this photos, because you will spit it out all over your keyboard from laughing.

I can't explain why I love this post making fun of life hacks. I just know that I love it so. much. [HT Andrew]

I cannot stop laughing at these awful baby photos. The second one kills me every time. [HT Crys]

Jeremy and I have been following this bizarre case of a US couple being held in prison in Qatar for allegedly starving their adopted daughter to death so they could harvest her organs. This is all a huge misunderstanding and I hope it gets resolved so so soon.

A map of the introvert's heart. Mmm, looks about right! [HT Nancy]

Family recycling fun

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