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Doctor visits

I was going to title this post with the number of times we've gone to the doctor in the past week, but I have lost count. I do know that I have been to the hospital four of the last seven days.

Miriam had a suspicious mole removed (biopsy normal) by a surgeon, plus she saw a dermatologist for some skin issues, plus when we went for the follow-up visit today, she had full-blown Fifth Disease.

Magdalena had a new cast put on, which involved seeing an orthopedic doctor and a radiologist. She is over her Fifth Disease.

Sterling came along for some of these visits, though none of the appointments were for him. He is just starting his own case of Fifth Disease.

Our family is a walking ball of sickness and injury.

The good news is that all of these doctors are in the outpatient wing of the hospital that is seven minutes from our house. What could be separate appointments at separate buildings at separate times is thankfully just a matter of walking down the hall. I am so grateful for this.

I am also grateful for the really wonderful nurses and doctors. Everyone is so helpful and so nice about getting everything taken care of in the most efficient way possible. For example, Miriam needed to get her stitches taken out today. We already had the dermatologist follow-up appointment scheduled for this afternoon, but the surgeon's open hours were only in the morning. No problem - he just had his nurse page him in the afternoon when we were already going to be at the hospital, and he came and removed the stitches then.

And we are lucky to be getting to know all the nurses well. I showed up today with all three kids in tow. The nurses saw rash/stitches girl (Miriam), broken arm girl (Magdalena), and nascent rash boy (Sterling), and asked me, "who is the patient today?" And then they got'r done.

Let's hope WE get'r done - all of this sickness and injury - before school starts on Sunday!

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