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My bicycle commute, with high heels

I ride Jeremy's bike to work. I much, much prefer biking in high heels to walking in high heels, though the former is slightly ridiculous. At first, I was wearing regular shoes to bike, and then changing into high heels, but it's a short enough ride that I decided I can't be bothered.

The ridiculousness factor is increased, though, by the fact that this is Jeremy's bike AND it has a rumble seat on the back of it. The bike is slightly too big for me, and it has the straight crossbar, so I really have to sling my leg up high to get on. But there's the rumble seat on the back, which blocks my leg. So I really have to maneuver to get on the bike and it is not always a pretty sight, especially since I'm wearing fancy clothes, not sporty ones. At home, the awkwardness doesn't matter, but when I'm arriving at/leaving work, I try to look more suave than I know is actually the case. There is nothing suave about cycling in heels.

Yesterday after work when I was walking out to the bike rack, I overheard a male student say to a female student, "is that a CHAIR??" (He was referring to the rumble seat.) I was close enough to say, "Yes! It's for my baby." Just doing my civic duty, educating people about alternative modes of child transportation.

Speaking of. Having a rumble seat on the bike is so liberating. When it's so hot outside during the day, it's difficult to get errands done on campus because it's too warm to walk around with the stroller. But since the bike is so much faster, I can just put Sterling in the rumble seat and go where I need to go. Bliss.

The new school

Happy/Oddly Emotional Birthday, Sterling!