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Reichstag, Berlin, 2002 and 2014

In 2002, Jeremy and I visited the Reichstag in Berlin. My parents took this candid photo of us that turned out really well. I've lost track of the exact provenance, but this is something like scan of a picture of a copy of a picture of the original, which we should really track down one of these days.

When we were in Berlin again this summer, twelve years later, we wanted to try to duplicate that exact photo. Unfortunately, we were only in Berlin for two days, and you have to make advance reservations now to visit the inside/roof of the Reichstag. So we settled for a snap in front of the building, taken near the end of our bike tour of the city.

This reminds me of when Jeremy took a picture of the same Bedouin girl in Petra, Jordan, in 2004 and then 2007. Except it's ourselves. Still, photos are a time capsule of sorts. It's fun to think about where we were in life in 2002 - married for eight months, living in Moscow - and now (three kids and a few degrees later, living in the UAE). We'll have to check in with the Reichstag in another 12 years!

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