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Reviews: Potted Potter and Divergent

1. Potted Potter is a live comedy show featuring two actors who present all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes. Live theater is a real treat here, so we jumped at the chance to go. It helps that both girls are huge fans of the books and movies. And we had so much fun. If you like HP and have a chance to see this show, DO IT. The best thing about it is that it's smart enough and funny enough for true fans. I am sometimes disappointed when parodies of/riffs on something popular are too broad in order to appeal to the maximum number of people (aka the lowest common denominator). But Potted Potter was at just the right level. Brilliant. We loved it. Go see it. The end.

2. Jeremy and I watched Divergent a few weeks ago. I had heard it was kind of meh, so I wasn't expecting much, although I loved the book. (I did not like Insurgent or Allegiant, though.) But it was a blast to watch that movie with Jeremy. Some movies are just like that, have you noticed? Like GI Joe, or Van Helsing. Plus, I thought there were quite a few awesome feminist moments in the film, like when Tris' mom sees her for the first time in a few weeks and tells her she looks beautiful AND strong. Or how there is a fight between Tris and a major female character and although it's kind of ridiculous, it's treated seriously by the film and is not at all a traditional "girl fight." Not a great movie overall, but worth a watch.

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