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October 10th, outsourced

Wow, camping put a dent in my internet time this week. I have a grand total of four links for you today.

There is a bit of strong language in this list of horribly annoying things, but I am including it because of #9. That is THE WORST. [HT Margie]

I found this article about, uh, white people writing Nickelodeon TV shows (weird way to summarize it, but that's the gist) to be both fascinating and maddening. Who is this guy, and is it possible that he is the biggest jerk on the planet? Imma let you finish, but Clarissa Explains It All had one of the best TV shows of all time. Also, he has the awful ability to be condescending to both minorities AND women, all in the same interview! A hot mess, really. [HT Shannon Hale; please to be following her on Twitter.]

Why are America's post-partum practices so rough on new mothers? Looking back, I regret not taking it easier after the births of my babies. I swept the floor the day I came home from the hospital with Sterling. I had a friend in Tucson who had a C-section but was vacuuming her living room just a few days later. I know those things can technically wait, but as one of the women in the article sighs, "if you don't get up and do it, who will?" The Arab moms in my neighborhood were horrified to see me out and about even when Sterling was three and four weeks old. I think they had a point. [HT Elisa]

Google Street View is taking in the Empty Quarter by camel! So cool! [HT Ariana]

Downton Abbey Season 5 (no spoilers)

Camping on Jebel Shams