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CSA in Dubai

Think of all the things Dubai is unlikely to have. Is Community Supported Agriculture on your list? It was on mine. But not anymore! Check it out!

I picked up my first box of Ripe veggies today from the neighborhood collection point. It was filled with tomatoes, part of an Indian pumpkin, zucchini, kale (!!!!!!! - that stuff is pricier than gold around here and probably more difficult to find, because at least you can get gold out of ATMs), eggplant, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, and parsley.

First order of business was making a toned-down zuppa toscana to put the kale in. I think some tomato sauce will be next, and maybe I'll make zucchini gratin instead of a cream-based green bean dish for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We'll see!

I am so thrilled to have these veggies delivered to my neighborhood. It took some major doing, and I am glad I have one of those awesome Get Stuff Done neighbors who made a million phone calls to bring this about.

I'm grateful.

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