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Napster nostalgia

Random thought for a Saturday night: do you remember Napster? Wasn't it just the best? It was. I remember going on a Napster spree the summer after my freshman year of college. I downloaded All the Songs, especially the obscure ones I couldn't get elsewhere - Japanese hits from when I spent the summer of 2000 there, German songs we learned in class at the BYU, Papermoon songs that, to this day, I haven't found anywhere else.

Napster was THE BEST.

Widening the shot a little, Napster brings to mind something that is lacking from all our digital media consumption these days: shareability. It is annoying to me that when I read a book on my Kindle and want others to read it, I can't just pass on a copy like I would a regular ol' paperback. If we buy a movie from iTunes and a friend wants to borrow it, they have to borrow our laptop, too (this happened last week and it was so old-fashioned I couldn't believe it).

In conclusion, I miss Napster, it was awesome, and I think it's a crying shame that digital media is so hard to share in general, and hard to pass along among friends in particular.

A rant about editing

November 21st, outsourced