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November 2014 books

Storm Siren (Storm Siren, #1)Storm Siren by Mary Weber

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

(DNF). Boooooooorrrring. I read 44% of this book and still did not care about anything/anyone in it. Plus, look at the kind of witty repartee I had to endure:

Mysterious Loner Dude Male Protagonist: "'So you decided to stay,' Eogan says to me, without turning around."

Female Protagonist: "So you decided to speak to me now that I've stood here for ten minutes."

Lame. Also, I hate it when someone with amazing powers is tasked with saving the world and she just can't be bothered. She'd rather sneak out at night to have fun in the village, or agonize over whether a guy likes her, or fume at the injustice of it all. Hmph.

JackabyJackaby by William Ritter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Supernatural Sherlock Holmes for the middle-grade set. I'll give this to Miriam in a few years.

Come for the ID renewal; stay for the henna!

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