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November 7th, outsourced

This is a really beautiful short film about Damascus. Lovely and sad and haunting all at once.

Rabia Chaudry is blogging about Serial! She's the woman who initially brought Adnan's case to the attention of Sarah Koenig. Also, Slate is doing a podcast about Serial. Yes, a podcast about a podcast. It's worth listening to, especially if you don't have people to discuss the podcast with in person (I want to get Jeremy listening, but he's not really a podcast person).

Here's an interesting take on my fellow reverse-SADers: they look forward to the end of Daylight Savings Time! [HT Liz]


Cool slidey-pictures from before/after the Berlin Wall! [HT Ashi]

This 80s aerobic accompaniment to "Shake it Off" is the best one of these I've seen since they Lady Gaga'd Newsies. [HT Jeanelle]

This The Onion article about Ira Glass is simply the best they've ever done. Nuanced but detailed, obviously written by a fan, and oddly almost plausible - perfection. "For the Harper High episodes last year, I came up with 352 different high school student characters. Those were particularly tough to record—I barely got through them. I lost my voice for two weeks after creating that pep rally."

Ooh, you totally can say octopuses! [HT Kaylee]

XXXL Chicken Biryani

Blood and Sand and Frank Gardner and me