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You're safe now.

Earlier this year, I watched Captain Phillips. The whole movie is good, but the last scene was so moving. Here it is, though out of context it's not quite as affecting.

You know who I think totally steals the show? The medic. Her voice, her mannerisms, the way she talks to the injured person, WOW. When I watched that scene, I was instantly reminded of all my (few, thankfully) major hospitalizations - tonsillectomy and childbirths, basically. That scene took me back to how it feels when you're in pain, and your body doesn't quite feel like your own, and there is someone there patting your hand and telling you it's going to be ok.

I was so impressed by that woman's performance that I looked it up a while ago and I think I remember reading that she is not an actress at all, but an actual medic. Which makes a lot of sense.

Does this scene bring back in-the-hands-of-medical-professionals feelings for any of you?

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