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February 27th, outsourced

I so, so much enjoyed this interview with a young girl who also happens to be an expert on presidential history.

Our Crown Prince (of Dubai) ran the Spartan Race last weekend. Did yours?

The time everyone "corrected" the world's smartest woman. [HT Josh] I have been turning over this riddle in my mind for almost a week now, and I allllmost get it. But then it slips away again. Kind of like...

...the color of this dress. I see it as white and gold. I can see it as blue and black if I look from a different angle, but then that slips away again, too. (Explained.) (And the actual dress is blue and black.)

If critics wrote about the male Best Director nominees the same way they write about Selma director Ava Duvernay.

So, a friend of mine redecorated another friend of mine's living room, and it made Good Housekeeping. As it does.

Popular baby names PSA. [HT Suzanne, I think?]

How a fourth-grade class Twitter account rekindled my faith in humanity. [HT Jessie]

I don't even care that this is an obvious publicity ploy. I still think there is value in the fact that three guys wore 33-lb, 9-month pregnant bodysuits (complete with breasts) for a month, just to see what it was like. [HT Sarah]

Shannon Hale articulates the argument in favor of boys reading books "for girls" so well. There are no girl books or boy books, ok? There are just books. This is why I gave my nephew The Princess in Black for Christmas.

The other thing that happened in America while I was asleep (besides the dress color palaver) is that two llamas went on the rampage in Arizona. My kids loved this video.

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