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Global Day 2015

 Let's do this.

 Admiring fountains in Tunisia.

 Checking out this year's Obscure (to us) Landmark in Iraq. Last year it was the Martyr Monument. This appears to be the Monument to the Unknown Soldier.

 Lebanon did their snacks right!

 More Iraq. Really neat display.

 People coming in the front gates.

 Pakistan was a ghost town last year, so I was surprised to see that it was the most beautiful booth (in my opinion) this year! Plus, henna:

There was a United States booth again. They were blasting Uptown Funk and wearing cowboy hats. It was interesting.


1. Italy had free pizza in their booth...from Pizza Hut!
2. For some reason, many booths did not have clear country names on the outside. But it turned out to be a fun guessing game to go into a booth and try to guess from the surroundings where you were.
3. Something I learned this year is that certain cultural clubs (the people ostensibly in charge of putting together a booth for a country) are given funding by that country's government. That's why these booths aren't all completely amateur student constructions held together with duct tape. As you can see, many are very complex. And now I know how that's possible - with outside money. I'd always wondered!

Words I grew up saying differently

March 20th, outsourced