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Relative durability of children's clothing brands

We generally save clothes shopping for the kids for when we're in the US every other year. Clothes are expensive here, or, if they're cheap, they are of awful quality. We're coming up on our trip to the US, so I've been going through the girls' closets to see what has held up over the last two years. Here are some conclusions, in roughly descending order of quality.

Columbia Sportswear. This stuff never ever wears out - shoes, coats, exercise gear, etc. It all looks brand-new still, sometimes even after going through both girls.

Kohl's - Sonoma (kids). Excellent quality. The fabrics are sturdy and don't pill, and the colors don't fade even though we dry our clothes on a rack in the sun.

Hanna Andersson stretchy pants (or Kirkland brand). Excellent. Magdalena always puts holes in pants, but not these.

Target - Cherokee. Very good quality. Higher quality fabrics and stitching.

Target - Circo brand. Very good quality. Good enough to hand down from Miriam to Magdalena, even. Sometimes the clothes don't hold their shape as well as I'd like, though - t-shirts get a little short after a couple of years of use.

Old Navy. Just OK. The pants almost always get holes in them within the first six months. It's disappointing. The t-shirts are made of lighter fabric which is good for the heat here, but it also makes them less durable.

H&M. I only buy kids' clothes at H&M if we need an item right now for some reason. Otherwise, I try to avoid it. They have really cute clothes but I find that they are overpriced for the quality you get. The pants gets holes in the knees so easily, colors fade, and cute decals that look good in the store droop or distort after a few washes. Sometimes they have a really good sale and I don't mind buying an outfit for cheap even though I know it will wear out soon.


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