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World Book Day dress-up

The girls' school celebrated World Book Day today. Instead of uniforms, the students dressed up as their favorite book character.

Miriam was Bellatrix Lestrange.

Magda was Marigold (aka the Princess in Black by Shannon Hale).

I think their costumes turned out better than Halloween, and with so little effort on my part. I mean, this lady in a Bellatrix hair tutorial I watched with Miriam yesterday afternoon spent forever on her hair, with steps including spraying, curling, teasing, and pinning. We got the same effect by putting Miriam's hair in three tight buns and having her sleep in them. We took them out this morning and POOF.

The dark mark is literally just marker. Miriam drew what she wanted on a piece of paper, I outlined it on her arm, and she colored it in. I put a dab of lipstick on her and it really completed the Bellatrix look. I thought later that I should have made her eyebrows black, too, but oh well.

Miriam's two good friends at school dressed up as Hermione and Harry, so she said it was funny to be hanging out with her supposed enemies all day.

Magdalena put together her Princess in Black outfit herself, including the purple sheer curtains as a cape. She woke up around 6am to draw, color, and cut out the flower decal.

I love having children who are far more creative than me. It makes days like book character dress-up day so much fun!

Oh yeah, and I told Magda I'd send a picture of her to the author of the book. I tweeted a photo earlier today and Shannon Hale herself replied "awesome" and then re-tweeted it! Kids these days.

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