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Steven and Kristi

Abra (water taxi) selfie in Bur Dubai this morning.

My brother Steven and his wife Kristi came to visit us for a week. They left this afternoon and now we are lonely and sad.

Highlights of their stay included:

1. Lots of discussions about candy, such as candy discoveries they made at the store, the relative merits of various Twix and Kit-Kat varieties, and how Skittles do not even taste the same anymore.

2. In-depth analysis of the songs of Evita. I think Jeremy hated us all a little bit that night at dinner when we three kept bursting into song in fits and starts, highlighting sections of the musical we liked the most.

3. Me coming down with a cold about an hour after Steven did. So whatever he was suffering, I knew that's what I was in for in an hour. It was eerie.

4. Wanting to play Settlers of Catan together one night, but then we were sick and also a few months ago I moved the box somewhere Sterling couldn't reach it...and then last night I could not find it. I'm sure it will turn up when we move.

5. Eating the American goodies they brought us. Kristi went to the store in NYC and bought us Gushers, mint Oreos, Goldfish crackers, and other delicacies. They have all already been consumed.

6. Watching Sterling bond with them. He took a shine to them the moment they walked in the door - it was as if he knew they were his people. Even though he never was able to pronounce their names - he called them "guys." I'm sure he means it as a compliment.

The best part was that when we said goodbye, we all knew it was only for about two more months! It had been almost two years since I saw them last, so it's nice to say goodbye for only a short time.


Trains in Finland