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School's almost out


Today is the last day of school. As excited as they are about the move, I think it's been hard for the girls to see the lists of classes for next year and notice that their names are not included. But it's been a great year. Magdalena had a warm, jolly Irish teacher who she could probably be legitimately friends with outside of class, and Miriam got a no-nonsense Welsh woman who has helped her grow in personal responsibility. (Also, upon reflection, it appears that during our years here, the girls had teachers from Canada, Scotland, the US, England, Ireland, and Wales, with no repeats.)

As long as we're on the subject of school: we decided to enroll the girls in the English-medium international school in Turku for 2015-2016. It will make for a softer landing for all of us. Also, we still don't have an address (and therefore no idea of our school district), and I felt that amid all the change, the girls at least deserved the security of "this is the place where you will go to school."

It is a little funny that due to the difference in educational systems, Miriam will go from Grade 4 (UAE) to...Grade 4 (Finland). She keeps giggling about that. It's even stranger for Magdalena: she finishes Grade 2 today but will start Grade 1 in August. What a story that will make someday! I'm happy that Finland groups its grades together by calendar year, though. It's like revenge for my fall-born babies. At last, they'll be right in the thick of their year age group, rather than being the very oldest (Miriam), or the very very very youngest (Magdalena - she turned five a few weeks before starting Grade 1!).

The girls are also excited to not have to wear school uniforms in Finland. I have mixed feelings about that - I'll miss no-fuss mornings when it comes to getting dressed, but it's always been a hassle dealing with two sets of clothes a day since I have them change into play clothes when they get home.

What makes me want to dance and sing in the street when I think of it is the fact that in Finland, they will be served hot lunch at school, every day, FOR FREE. Be still my heart. (And you know it's not tater tots and chicken nuggets.) I caught a last glimpse of their lunchboxes this morning and so help me, I wanted to set them on fire. Making lunches in the morning is my least favorite chore, and somehow, the girls are always starving when they get home from school anyway. I'm looking forward to them getting some decent food during the school day in Finland.

Ah, but there is so much to do before then. To the suitcases!

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