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June 5th, outsourced

I am fascinated by this whole LaCour-faked-study thing. I hope TAL will do a follow-up episode about it!

Here are some of the weird ways you could die in Tudor England. "Bacon" is on the list, but it's not how you'd think you'd die from bacon.

The most controversial Wikipedia articles worldwide.

The people behind First Moon Party (one of my all-time favorite videos) did a post-partum video and it is the best. [HT Jen]

It's amazing how color + photographs make history seem so much more real - 19th-century Japan in photos. [HT David]

I went Paleo and now I hate everything. So funny. [HT Kat]

Don't let them see your tampon - an interesting article about how hidden we like to keep these things. A related tweet I saw on Twitter:

One way to consider that question: "How many languages do you speak?" I like the distinction between "talking in" vs. "speaking."

Choose Your Own Adventure, Syrian refugee style. Heartbreaking. [HT Suzanne]

Without power

A new home