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Nine-years friend

Nine (!!!) years ago in Jordan when Jeremy was working for BYU's study abroad program, one of the students brought his wife Crystal and 2-year-old son Ezra along for the summer. This little boy was the only other kid besides Miriam on the program, so we took every chance for them to play together.

On Sunday, as we drove from Idaho to Oregon, we stopped off in a small town near the border to visit this same boy and his family. Except this time, instead of just the boy and Miriam, there were a few other kids around. I now have three kids, and Crys has four.

I've read Crys' blog continuously during the nine years we haven't seen each other, but my first impression when I saw her in person on Sunday was that her voice sounded different than I remembered. Her writing style is very much her talking style, but over the years I guess I lost the memory of the exact tone of her voice. So that was interesting. Otherwise, we enjoyed just seeing each other since there wasn't much need to catch up, thanks to blogs.

And my, haven't these kids grown up!

Crys and I only ever hung out the one summer in Jordan. Otherwise, we've stayed friends only online. It's amazing how strong our bond still is, though, as well as with one of the other wives who was on the program that year (Nancy). It's also amazing I actually had the chance to stop by her house this summer - she only just moved there and the timing was just right. Maybe some year I'll catch up with Nancy, too!

July 24th, outsourced

Our Finnish home

Our Finnish home