America the amazing

America the amazing

1. The other day, Jeremy and I went to the bank, sorted out some mobile phone stuff, bought a few things at Target, and got lunch at Chipotle. We did it all in one trip and were back home within two hours. I was super impressed with America that day, or at least this corner of it. Traffic in Sharjah has been getting so bad, so gradually, that the feeling of being trapped in our home (or at least on campus) really crept up on me. It took NOT getting stuck in a random 2-hour traffic jam to realize how annoying that can be. Getting all those errands done at once felt AMAZING.

2. Sometimes, clothes, food, and other goods here cost less than what the price tag says. That is called a sale. And that is amazing. I was explaining the lack of sales in the UAE to the Kohl's cashier the other day and she listened in horror as I described what it was like to pay sticker price for everything. (However, she pointed out - and I concurred - that at least in the UAE we never have to worry about a price suddenly going up or down on a certain day.)

3. COSTCO IS AMAZING. Sometimes after years away, I get to thinking that maybe all the hype about Costco is just that, and maybe we all worship that place ironically, but no. I myself, having been thousands of miles from the nearest Costco for five years, do not understand how I have managed to live.

4. This country is beautiful. I mean, so is the UAE, really, but everywhere we go in the US I just want to give a big hug to the landscape. Plus, pedestrian paths (and bridges!) and bike lanes and crosswalks are amazing.

5. I've said this one before, but public libraries are amazing. If you go there, nice people will read stories and sing songs to your children. Plus, you can take home books for free.

Aside from all the awesome things about America, reverse culture shock hasn't been too bad this trip. Maybe it's because early on we went to Texas Roadhouse and just got it all over and done with. That place is like woah. And America really is amazing!

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