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The most American 4th of July

Yesterday was my first 4th of July in the US in six years. The girls and Jeremy were here for the 4th three years ago. And of course, it's Sterling's first. And we certainly made the most of it! Here is a list of American-y things we did yesterday.

- get woken up by cannonfire/fireworks at 5.30am

- go to a small-town parade (in Malad, Idaho)!

- collect the candy thrown by the parade participants

- see horses and ponies

- eat a sno cone. It was delicious.

- participate in a kids' footrace

- watch a choreographed Wild West shoot-out, complete with gun safety preamble

- drive from Malad to Idaho Falls through the beautiful Intermountain West. Motto: "where 60 miles takes 60 minutes or less!"

- eat hot dogs and hamburgers

- jump on the trampoline

- run in the sprinklers

- eat ice cream from Reed's Dairy

- pet the cows and ponies at the dairy

- set off fireworks in the driveway

It was good to experience my own National Day after all these years!

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