Baptism & Boomerangs book review

I was invited to review this new children's book, and it was my pleasure to do so!

Baptism and Boomerangs, written by Sherrie L. M. Gavin and illustrated by Tatiana Lawton.

I do well with numbered lists, so let's start with the reasons I liked this book.

1. The pictures. They are beautiful, and very place-specific. You're not reading a book that takes place just anywhere - this is Australia, and you can tell from every page.

2. The simplicity of the message. There is an analogy here (baptism and boomerangs), but it's not overwrought or forced. It's easy to understand and, let's face it, kind of fun because boomerangs.

3. The international focus. It warms my heart to see a Mormon children's book that takes place outside of the United States (or even outside of assumed-Utah, hooray!).

4. The uniqueness of the story. I am willing to bet that you have never read another book comparing baptism to boomerangs. The quirky concept is an attention-grabber...and an attention-keeper, especially for children.

If you're looking for a gift for a soon-to-be-baptized child (not even just eight-year-olds - anyone up to about age 12 is within the target audience), this book would make a beautiful and meaningful discussion opener. I'm happy to have a copy myself to read with my own children, one of whom has already been baptized and two of whom have a while to wait still.

This book is the first Mormon children's book by two Australian women, and I hope many more internationally oriented Mormon books from authors around the world follow. Baptism & Boomerangs (available here) is certainly a great start!

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