Spring cleaning (and rearranging)

I don't think I've ever understood the concept of spring cleaning as well as I do now. With the dramatic increase in daylight recently, and more sunshine coming through the windows, I feel like there are corners of my kitchen and living room that I literally haven't seen in months. So of course I have to scrub them.

We also rearranged our living room furniture. My instinct is always to put furniture up against the walls and leave a big space in the center, and sometimes maybe that works ok, but that arrangement was just kind of meh in our space. So we changed things around (see two "after" photos above) and I am so much happier! I hadn't realized how much of the large front window the couch had been blocking. It's wonderful to have a little more light coming in, and to be able to sit on the couch and see my kids on the playground.

Speaking of sun: our days are around 14 hours long now, with the sun rising at 6.30 and setting at 20.30. The days now are an astonishing 8+ hours longer than they were during the winter, and by the time midsummer comes, we'll have still five hours more of daylight than we do now.

Whenever we're outside these days, I check the plants to see what their status is - which one of these mornings will I wake up to visible green? I remember it bursting forth all at once in Moscow (thought not until May) - will it be similar here? Oh, what a thing it is to wait for spring! SEASONS!

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