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October 20th, outsourced

They survived six hours in a neighbor's pool while a wildfire burned their house down.

Harvey Weinstein and the power of celebrity exceptionalism.

The Rock Test: a hack for men who don't want to be accused of sexual harrassment. (This article has some discussion of hypothetical sexual harrassment, fyi.)

This is an old article, but reading it and thinking of our current reality re: US presidents comforting the relatives of slain, things have changed.

Photographing those who don't want to be photographed. We ran into this a lot in the Middle East and it was always tricky. [HT Ashi]

The war to sell you a mattress is an internet nightmare. This story was far, far more interesting than it had any right to be! [HT Andrew]

[NYT] When the revolution came for Amy Cuddy. I use her research (and criticism of it) in some of my classes and so I found this article to be suuuuuper interesting! She's the Power Posing body language lady with the second-most popular TED Talk of all time.

Ranking the Presidents of the United States by their eyebrows. This is the content America needs right now. [HT Liz]

More thoughts about Primary music in Finnish

More thoughts about Primary music in Finnish

Bilingual brain oddity

Bilingual brain oddity