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October 6th, outsourced

Megyn Kelly Today is...not going well.

How did no one notice this inspirational hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail? This is one of those articles that you need to read with someone else in the room so you can read them the best parts.

And when you're done reading that article, Deadspin tells you that you might also enjoy this article about an ultramarathoner faking his run across the US and Deadspin is RIGHT.

How essential oils became the cure for our age of anxiety. Good (if slightly FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE) reading.

When white men turn into lone wolves.

This article about the death of a student at a fraternity in Pennsylvania is beautifully written and also totally rage-inducing. Find a quiet time and place to read it.

In which Mackenzi the WWDTM intern solves a Maurice Sendak mystery! [HT Kaylee]

Things Finland does differently (church edition)

Commute surprise

Commute surprise