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Locker room dilemma

When I was in high school, a friend told a story of being pulled over by a policeman just as he (my friend) turned into his own driveway. At the time, he wondered - should I get out of the car, because it's my own driveway? Or should I stay in the car, because I've been pulled over? In the end, he decided to stay in the car - having been pulled over seemed to overrule the fact that he was in his own driveway.

I had a similar moment myself today. I took the kids swimming in Kaarina, and after a couple of hours of swimming and sauna, we were back in the locker room, ready to get dressed. And that's when my key broke off in the lock of the locker. The locker where all of my clothes were. So I was standing there naked with three naked kids in the women's locker room of the pool, with nothing but half of a key in my hands.

Fortunately, it turned out that Magdalena had used a different locker than ours! Bless that independent child. So she got dressed and then went to fetch an employee. As we waited for her to come back, I wondered - should I remain naked, because I was in a locker room in Finland? Or should I at least wrap myself in my towel, because I was about to interact with a clothed adult employee of the pool?

In the end, I wrapped myself in a towel. It felt like the right thing to do.

February 24th, outsourced

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