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March 31st, outsourced

The hidden sexism in workplace language. [HT Ariana]

Seriously, what is with the office worker craze for Tough Mudder races?

The NYT looks at month 13 in Canadians' sponsorship of Syrian refugees. This is amazing reporting.

Also amazing reporting (and photography): civilians on the front lines of the fight with ISIS in Mosul.

These little ladies have my full support.

This week was the 40th anniversary of the worst plane crash in history in Tenerife. Ask A Pilot takes a look at what happened. I remember learning about this in the very first linguistics class I took, due to the role grammar had in the crash.

If you need a snort-laugh, compose yourself and then click over to this picture of the new bust of Ronaldo.

Hobbyhorses are a thing in Turku, Finland. [HT Blair]

I loved reading about how a journalist tracked down the anonymous Twitter account of the director of the FBI. [HT Andrew]

World Figure Skating Championships

World Figure Skating Championships

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