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The sister missionaries

The sister missionaries

Every once in a while, I go with the sister missionaries to teach a lesson to someone who wants to learn more about our church. I'll be honest: missionary work is not my thing. I do it mostly to be nice and because I want to be a source of friendship and support for these young women who are so far from home. I have two observations about sister missionaries.

1. They are the nicest people alive. It's amazing. They are gracious and warm and kind and you feel better just for spending time with them.

2. They get mansplained to. Like, a LOT. Sometimes I go with them for a lesson and think, wait, did this guy just agree to have them over so he could pontificate on a topic of HIS choice to THEM for an hour? Yep. It sucks.

I suspect 1 and 2 are related. I asked the missionaries about the mansplaining, and they're aware of it, but try not to let it bother them. They're taught to be good listeners, and I suppose that skill comes in handy.

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