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I was making some hotel arrangements yesterday on for our two-day layover in ICELAND on our way to the US this summer. They gave me a link to share where, if you use it to make a booking, you get €15 off and so do I. Here is the link.

Even without the special link, I totally recommend I've been using them for years to book hotels/hostels/whatever in all kinds of weird countries. Their site and app are intuitive and easy to use with tons of listings, but what won me over at first sight was the ability to indicate the number and ages of children traveling with us. Hotels are so picky about how many people can stay in a room, and what ages are free, and what ages require an extra bed that they will charge for, etc. makes that all very easy to navigate.

The second feature that keeps me going back to is the fact that so many of their listings allow you to cancel for free up to a certain date, often just a day or two before your reservation. I thrive on travel peace of mind, so I have sometimes made reservations months and months ahead of time, risk-free, and then taken a closer look if I deem it necessary as the trip looms.

The third feature I love is that the app has all kinds of built-in offline functionality, which is essential when you arrive in a country and need to get to your hotel but don't have a local SIM card.

I realize this all reads as a weird advertisement. It is and it isn't. It is an advertisement, in that you really will get €15 off if you use this link to book, but it isn't, in that everything I've said in this post is true! I have thought about extolling the virtues of before - it's one of those things I don't know if everyone already knows about, you know? Like maybe people in the US were using it ages before I was. But just in case! I recommend it.

Burzey Castle, Idlib, Syria

Burzey Castle, Idlib, Syria

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