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Coat security blanket

Coat security blanket

Now that it's warm enough to play outside without wearing a winter jacket, I have discovered that in the months between October and now, Sterling formed a security blanket-type attachment to his warmest coat. On Tuesday when I tried to have him wear his välikausipuku (midseason suit - lightweight coveralls), he broke into tears and asked for his "blue coat" instead.

I let him, knowing that päiväkoti would play right into my hands. And sure enough, when I picked him up that afternoon and he was playing outside in his winter coat, his teacher told me, within his earshot, that it was "liian kuuma" (too hot) for that coat and he needed to wear a välikausipuku instead.

WELL. When A. the päiväkoti teacher says something, it must be obeyed. Or so it is in Sterling's world. (Finnish is the language of authority for him.) That was on Tuesday and he has worn his välikausipuku without complaint, if reluctantly, ever since.

I can imagine how spending six months straight in the same puffy warm coat would cause you to start to have feelings for it. I just didn't realize how serious it was until it was time for Sterling to take it off!

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