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August 25th, outsourced

Tampa Electric knew the procedure was dangerous. They sent workers in anyway.

How did things go in eclipse boomtowns?

Did this book buy its way onto the NYT best-seller list?

The complicated linguistic situation in Algeria (in case you were wondering).

How to cut in line without everyone hating you. I love that one of the tactics tried in this research was to ask to cut in line for the copy machine "because I need to make copies" worked.

Did you damage your eyes during the eclipse? [HT Andrew]

This has to be one of the most epic Ask A Manager questions ever: I ghosted my ex and now [10 years later] she's my boss. Get your popcorn ready - this one is so juicy.

This made me laugh, on Twitter:

Summer bookends and bonding over an election loss

Summer bookends and bonding over an election loss

Weaponized RBF