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September 29th, outsourced

Ask the Pilot talks about that crazy beach that airplanes almost land on on their way to the runway.

After Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s murder, his widow battles deportation.

Stop using Pat Tillman for your NFL/American flag needs. Seriously.

Why aren't mothers worth anything to venture capitalists? This is an article about why breast pumps have not seen more investment and development and it is fascinating.

The untold story of the assassination of North Korea's once-heir to the throne. (This article is worth reading, but be warned that one of the main characters in it was a prostitute so there is some brief mention of that.)

Here's the story behind Mormon Women for Ethical Government!

From the New York Times: how fake news turned a small town upside down. The small town is Twin Falls. (The fake news story in the headline has to do with sexual abuse of a child, just so you know.)

This impression of a woman speaking in GenCon is so so so so good. You know it is. [HT Scott and Steven, near simultaneously, which is impressive.]

Even if you already know a lot about Clue, you should still probably read these Mental Floss facts about it! [HT Jen]

This interactive visualization of Hamilton lyrics is I clicked on it super late at night and in the morning, I wasn't entirely sure it hadn't been a dream. But it's real!

Enjoy this send-up of a classroom mom email from McSweeney's!

Edited later to add: I can't believe I almost forgot that there is an update at AAM about the guy who ghosted his girlfriend ten years ago and now she's his boss!!!!

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