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September 8th, outsourced

To understand rising inequality, consider the janitors at two top companies, then and now.

The Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn figures at Hever Castle are ahead of their time ( that they anticipate a certain recent meme).

Milennials have now killed doorbells, too. [HT Andrew]

GFY on Meghan Markle and why her recent Vanity Fair cover may in fact be a harbinger of her engagement to Prince Harry.

This poo-related date horror story has to be one of the most awesome things on the internet this week.

Harvey and Irma are in fact an old couple who have been married for 75 years! [HT Jen]

What do we do with cinematic monuments to the confederacy? This article is written by a black woman, and it's about Gone With The Wind, and it is so thought-provoking.

This woman's meticulously recounted story of getting sucked into an MLM scheme (in this case, Younique) is nearly un-put-downable. I have THOUGHTS (as well as FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE) about MLMs, especially ones that misuse facebook, and so I was full on Michael-Jackson-eating-popcorn-gif for this one.

Claiming my inheritance

Claiming my inheritance

The American shelf at the grocery store in Finland

The American shelf at the grocery store in Finland