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Finnish winter realities

Finnish winter realities

The reality of a Finnish winter is not all windswept snowbanks and gentle snow showers and sledding to school. This is our third winter here, and there are certainly weeks at a time where that's what it's like. But these idyllic periods are interspersed with the dreaded loska and räntä - slush and sleet. They may pine for Plus One in Canada, but I've learned to fear it. Plus One means sleet that stings your face and ice ruts - nay, TROUGHS - that derail your bike.

We in Turku are especially prone to this kind of temperature variation in winter since we're so close to the coast (inland areas tend to get more snow and more stable freezing temperatures). The weather forecast is predicting Plus One (and then some) for Thursday, and I am not looking forward to it. We have had such a beautiful few weeks here - however you have imagined Finnish winter to be, in its storybook form, that's how it's been here. And it will be again! I hope.

With the Saudis again

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