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November 16th, outsourced

I tend to kind of hate any new-age-y self-help books and so it was with unadulterated glee that I read this thoughtful analysis of Girl, Wash Your Face. I haven’t read the book, but Turner’s article really touched on all the things I don’t like about the genre.

The Guardian has a harrowing account of one woman on pregnancy bed rest.

I loooooooved this article about an ultramarathon that I am terrified Jeremy will want to run someday. It is not a set distance, but rather a succession of hourly 4-mile loops that are repeated until only one runner remains.

The NYT has an amazing story (with amazing pictures) about a town in Russia that is being swallowed up by sand.

A mother’s hunch helped save a German woman hiking alone on a trail in the Pacific Northwest. I only wish there were more details in this article!

This tweet made me chuckle.

I hope you are listening to the new podcast Believed. While you wait for the first few episodes to download, go ahead and read this article from The Cut about how Larry Nassar got away with so much for so long.

Perhaps you would like to see Pride and Prejudice dialogue juxtaposed with pictures of animals?

Go to the bathroom, put the kids in bed, grab a drink and snack, do whatever you need to do to be able to settle in and read this article about a haunted (?) house, undisturbed.

Still not creeped out? Here are terrifying pictures of deep-sea fish.

In case the California fires are not awful enough, here is a tool to put their size on a familiar scale, like your hometown. Yikes. [HT Jen]

This tweet, from The Oregonian, may be the most perfect thing in existence. I was sent it by several people (because it is Relevant To My Interests), and I, in turn, immediately sent it to my family members. It is so beautiful.

Syrian rubble on display at the WAM

Syrian rubble on display at the WAM

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