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The Olympics! so far

The Olympics! so far

Best uniforms: Canada's faux-sweater snowsuit. I love it so much.

Best moment: when a 17-year-old (who looks 14) won the gold medal in men's slopestyle. What a kid!

Figure skating: has a team event now. I saw analysis online saying this was to bring it in line with other sports that give athletes multiple avenues in which they can earn medals, like gymnastics, but come on. It's so they can televise more figure skating, right? Either way, I am not complaining! The more chances to bask in Virtue & Moir, the better.

Also: Medvedeva. I love her so much. Why do I have such a soft spot for Russian ethnic minority superstars that seem so surly until you see them smile? First Mustafina (gymnastics), now Medvedeva. I love the way she skates.

Curling: why are you.

Ski jumping: terrifies me.

Finland: is super fun to watch the Winter Olympics in! We've got a couple of medals already. Our family watched the women's slopestyle yesterday and watched Enni Rukajärvi get the bronze!

Olympic programming: is slightly better than Rio so far. I have been able to find what I want with minimal spoilers on Yle (Finnish national broadcasting), but it has gotten harder as each day has gone by. It's becoming more difficult to distinguish yesterday's figure skating from today's figure skating, for example.

That theme song (that we get before our programming here): is totally a song from the Children of the World CD we used to listen to on repeat when Miriam was a baby.

Lost in DXB

Lost in DXB

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