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March 2nd, outsourced

This GIF (the toddler feeding a bird one) was my everything this week.

Norway is wondering if they won too many Olympic medals. {New York Times)

This was suuper interesting: the rise of virtual citizenship.

Nicole Cliffe has a Twitter thread about minor superpowers and there are some great ones in there!

Related: how to read 462 books in a year.

Mirai Nagasu and perpetual foreigners.

Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen in the NYT writing about retiring at age 25.

Here are some awesome Smithsonian photo contest entries!

The stages of realizing you are late: "Time to shower. How can I be on time if I am not clean? Showering will take forty-five seconds. I have never showered for longer than a minute."

There is a new guidebook for Girls' Camp coming out soon and frankly, these changes sound cautiously awesome.


February 2018 books

February 2018 books