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Finnish days of the week

Finnish days of the week

It took me almost two years, but I finally figured out that the cute little cartoon animals above each day of the week on the calendar in the päiväkoti hallway are actually functional!


MA = maanantai (Monday) = majava = beaver

TI = tiistai (Tuesday) = tikka = woodpecker

KE = keskiviikko (Wednesday) = kettu = fox

TO = torstai (Thursday) = toukka = caterpillar

PE = perjantai (Friday) = perhonen = butterfly

I've never seen something like this done in English. Could you even do it in English?? Monkey Monday, Tucan Tuesday, W?? Wednesday, Th... I give up.

April 27th, outsourced

New books (mostly YA nonfiction)

New books (mostly YA nonfiction)