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Other Bridget 2018

My British, Australian, and South African alter-egos continue to live their lives and inadvertently direct pieces of it toward me.

The most disheartening development is that one of the Other Bridgets has signed up for an MLM...and I get at least some of her emails for it. I've marked them to go directly to spam because the sooner Other Bridget quits that stuff, the better. (I did make an initial good-faith effort to redirect them to the right place but was apparently unsuccessful.)

Other Bridget bought a beautiful Tiffany pendant. She's a patron of a children's hospital as well as a museum of science. She had some trees removed from her backyard, and then the amount of payment due was contested. Her kids have been invited to sooooo many birthday parties. Her mail got lost. Her food stall (or one she is affiliated with) was investigated by some kind of food hygiene board. She tried to get a ring repaired but the jeweler couldn't do it. A lovely relative wrote an email and asked if Other Bridget was still playing 'that game with the mallet.' A child needed speech therapy. And I have practically developed a personal relationship with a certain vendor of colored silks because all of the emails regarding her orders come to me, and I always write back, and the vendor always writes back, and it's like we're friends now. I kind of wish I were a person who needed to order colored silks on the regular. Sigh.

The weirdest and most frustrating period of having a doppleganger came last month when I got sucked into a massive email chain about the children's carnival at school. I was on mailing lists and had access to signup sheets and everything, despite repeatedly asking them to remove me. I had a moment where I thought I might just sign up for something ridiculous on Other Bridget's behalf, but instead I entered into a very interesting email exchange with one of the other parents. She said she had checked with Other Bridget and confirmed that the email address (i.e., my email address) was correct!

As you can imagine, I was very confused. It seemed that Other Bridget and I literally had the same email address as each other. I had an email window open, ready to write Super Tech Support at Reply All...and then she wrote back and said there was a letter missing after all. So that mystery is solved...for now.

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March 2018 books