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May 4th, outsourced

This week's FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE story is this about the oddities of the Boston Marathon rules which led to a woman getting fifth place but not having a right to the $15k in prize money.

(And other, less rage-y stories about the Boston Marathon.) [HT Jen]

Here is an old NYT article I stumbled across, about an avalanche. It is riveting.

Sooooo Roxane Gay got stomach reduction surgery and wrote an essay about it and even though I am not obese, there is so much about her relationship with food that made me think "...that is ME!" To wit: "I wasn't hungry, but I was starving."

Enjoy a round-up of present-day dystopia.

My favorite story this week: the great high-school imposter.

Post-baby pictures, the Duchess of Cambridge vs. everyone else! She wins. [HT Sarah]

One of my students was just telling me about talking with some Americans and telling them how Finnish is pronounced how it's written, and the Americans were like "oh, English too!" and the Finn was like NO. NO IT IS NOT. Exhibit A.

This woman got $10k in flight vouchers for getting bumped from a flight!

Photos (and original captions!) from France in 1918, at the end of World War I.

I have two Twitter stories for you that contain a couple of moments of profanity but which, in my opinion at least, have great value. The first is about a cursed root that showed up on a woman's doorstep, and the second is about a bartender meeting with the President of Ireland while high.

This article was just so thoughtful, and thought-provoking: The Spy Who Came Home, about a CIA agent who retired from the agency and then applied his skills to being a cop. (There are some swears in this one.)

Daycare at a race!

Daycare at a race!

Olden days internet

Olden days internet