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July 6th, outsourced

John McWhorter argues for singular 'they', and other linguistic changes (includes some swear-word etymology stuff).

Here are some National Geographic photo contest winners for you to admire!

Donald Trump is coming to Finland in 10 days. They're already warning us about the traffic and logistical snarls (mostly in Helsinki, phew!), but here is some background on why Finland is The Place to Be for events like this.

This article from the New York Times on so-called immigrant ghettos in Denmark is simply astonishing, for so many reasons.

Would you like to read incredible, science-y stuff about the amazing capabilities of your eyes and brain? Here is a Twitter thread for you!

In case you missed it: #PlaneBae. If you want a cynical view, read the article linked. If you want the original sappy thread, it's linked from the article.

There has been some incredibly beautiful soccer played this World Cup, including from Belgium's Lukaku.

Cycling vacations

Cycling vacations

Fourth of July in Turku, and an Åland adventure

Fourth of July in Turku, and an Åland adventure