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August 10th, outsourced

This story about a stolen painting and a mysteriously large amount of wealth left behind after a couple died is super interesting.

My friend Liz showed me this article about reaction GIFs being a kind of digital blackface and it has given me a lot to think about.

And because she contains multitudes, Liz also passed on this link showing the different ways the US uses its land! Getting smarter through looking at maps: I am for it!

Speaking of: here are maps illustrating the birth-age gap in the United States: how old are first-time mothers in different parts of the country? (NYT)

Here is more from the NYT about this heat wave we've been having in Europe.

No family is safe from the opioid epidemic.

News flash: bedrest during pregnancy maybe...doesn't help anything?

Rukmini Callimachi takes us through that Tajikistan attack on bicyclists. (If you haven't listened to Caliphate yet, please do.)

The 2018 remake of Hitchcock's The Birds.

This article was devastating: should parents be charged for failing to lock up guns that are used in school shootings? "[School shooter] Parker wasn’t a hunter and didn’t hang out much with the high schoolers who were. The teen, a plump redhead who wore glasses, was quiet and shy. He had a small group of friends, mostly from Marshall’s marching band, in which he played the tuba. The teen couldn’t have persuaded another student, or anyone else, to give him a weapon without raising considerable suspicion, Blankenship concluded. To the prosecutor, that meant the only gun Parker could have used to ravage his high school was the one he took from his stepfather’s closet."

Evening Snack

Teaching a bilingual child to read

Teaching a bilingual child to read